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Another Couple of Weeks of Silence

Sorry folks, been one of two things recently – either not a lot to mention or too much and not enough time to mention it.  Before we get lost in that lets get up to date with the rivers, though the weather seems to be looking after itself.

DANE ……………0.35 Metres (1.15 feet)

BOLLLIN ……………0.52 Metres (1.70 feet)

MERSEY (Northenden) ……………0.30 Metres (0.98 feet)

And for anyone interested the DEE at Farndon is running at 4.59 Metres (15.06 feet) don’t try lifting a trout on a dry fly there then. 

Over the last few months we have had some very productive hours on the Mere (or Flash) at Heatley, not only has this venue been cleared of all the rubbish left by unauthorised anglers, drunken yobs on all nght booze laden binges, but thanks to the previous tennants lack of maintenance, undergrowth has been cleared, and over hanging foliage has been pruned back.  The dead and cut off timber and brush have been used to form a barrier around the Mere which will also double as cover for wild life, but just as importantly act as a deterant against “poachers” and other miscreants, hopefully this will also help further our public relations with the residents of the housing estate close by.  The larger “branches” that have been cut back have been used to outline and edge the footpaths around the water with the intention of using bark and wood chip to infill, this should make for easy and pleasant access to the stages which we shall be installing this week end, or at least some of them.  Amongst the ‘residents’ are a pair of nesting Grebes, another pair of Swans, and quite a few Coots nesting in the reed beds, further to this it has been found that at the more inacessable part of the Mere shoals of silver fish are quite prolific wwhich proves that the fish here are in excellant condition and breeding well.  No restocking problems then.

Last Weekend saw the official opening of Curley’s Fishery under the management of my Mentor and now its owner, amongst the things that I managed to do the one that really impressed me was a session with the latest Greys XF2 #7 which is probably the easiest rod to handle I have had in my hands for some time.  Married to the Greys Platinum line it handled as smooth as silk, delivery was what we have to to expect from the Hardy Grey Stable, and last but far from least was the near weightlessness of the rod gave the impression that I could have gone on all day – but like all dreams it had to come to an end and I had to hand it back.  Damn.

As usual -whatever you decide to do this weekend enjoy yourselves.



Return from Sick Leave.

Sorry about the silence for the last week or so, I have been a little under the weather, without going into too much detail it involved the small throne room at the top of the stairs.  ‘Nough said.

For those of you who are intent on a few more hours before the close season, (my open season, all be it the Salmon season is now well established), the weather for the weekend looks a bit of both, to-day and tomorrow are supposed to be showery, whilst the better day will be Sunday which is set to be fine.  That is if the Met Office has it right for a change.  Here are the river levels, that is if the rain doesn’t alter things too much,

DANE ……………0.44 Metres (1.44 feet)

BOLLIN ……………0.71 Metres (2.33 feet)

MERSEY (Northenden)……………0.39 Metres (1.28 feet)

If anyone reading this page is at all interested, the Dee at Farndon is running at about seasonal normal – a mere 4.9 Metres or in English that reads as 16.08 feet, (for gods sake take a life jacket). 

The preparation of the water at Heatley is comming along great guns, a credit to the guys who have put so much of their down time in to sort this water out.  Up untill about 12 months age this area was a tip, the previous Club had let it go to the dogs and it had become a dumping ground for rubbish, an area for illegal drinking, and last but not least un-authorised fishing.  The undergrowth and trees had been left to the Great Gardener in the Sky, but unfortunately his team of under-gardeners had slipped off for a quiet smoke and not returned.  Sundry ‘tons’ of rubbish and a lot of work later and it now looks something like.  At the moment our Head Bailiff (who is a dab hand with whatever you put into them (hands that is) is in the process of donating a hell of a lot of time and energy to making up stages for the Mere, and all on top of a full time day job.  Cheers Dom.

That about sums up all that I can muster at the moment, should I find more in the course of the weekend I will publish an update later.