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Has It Been That Long

Having just checked back over my past entries I have to admit I have been rather derelict in my duties of keeping up with things on here, I apologise.  In the past few months myself and a few other friends have started up another Angling Club, the Dunham Massey Angling Club.  The intentions of this new club is to promote local angling for local members on local waters, first and foremost in our endevours will be the enhansing  of the environment around the waters that we have aquired so far.  Our main aquisition to date is the Mere at Heatley just outside Lymm in Cheshire or to give it its correct title Heatley Flash.  Since clearing all the rubbish left by party goers, beer cans, food wrappers, remains of fires, and generally clearing the surrounding area of dead, or dying undergrowth, our regular work parties have installed and painted twenty plus stages and the catch reports and photos comming in to the Club Face Book page show that it was all well worth while.  Our Water Management Officer (a man of considerable “countryside” experience) and myself have been saying for years that if you take care of the countryside around our waters then the waters will also benefit, the two systems are irrevocably intertwinned.  Some of the Carp being caught are in double figers and there are quite a few Pike being taken as well, (one or two too many for some peoples liking) but this water has been neglected for many years so really you can expect nothing else.  We have done this on a shoe string budget, mostly due to the trust and good will of many local land owners and small businesses, and I will be the first to admit that non of this would have been possible had it not been for these people.  It only bears out the old saying “what goes round – comes round”.  Thanks must also go to those Members who “signed up”  early in the year, for the trust they have shown in the Committee, for there was no guarantee that anything would come of this venture, yet they still came aboard. 

Our next “date” is the Cheshire Show at Peover on the 19th and 20th of June 2012, we have been allocated a stall there and will be available to answer any questions that you may have about our new venture.  Anyone reading this is most welcome to visit our little exhibition, and hopefully, should you like what you see, you will join our happy band.  We promise that the only things that matter to us are the environment, and angling – No Polotics.  So as you can see the last couple of months have been rather busy, and though this is no excuse perhaps you will accept it as a reason for my tardyness.

Just prior to the Show, on the Sunday before in fact I will be attending my annual meet with the British Fly Casting Club, I think I will have to put sleep on the back burner for that particular week.  Oh! how I love it when we are busy, it makes retirement all the more enjoyable.