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12th of the 12th 12

What a week – my birthday (71 and counting), our Anniversery (36years) and now just look at that date, 12.12.2012. not to mention the close proximity of Christmas.  Well our first AGM went really well, quite a turnout for a Club in its Infancy, and about three times more Members than we expected to have at this time.  In fact the Membership Secretary was forced to ask the Committee to impliment a “waiting list” for a short while since we had run out of Club Membership Cards.   Thanks to our Water Managment Team we have 16 waters with more in the “offing”, and the Work Parties have been hard at it on Hume Hall Estate, the Flash at Heatley having to be put on a back burner because of the weather recently, but the walkway and car park should be well under way early next year.  At the time of writing the only thing holding up the development of our own trout fishery at Savio is the delivery of the fish, I will keep you updated on this but I think it may be as well to give the fish a “rest period” and allow them to settle in before we start fishing it.  This, of course will be fly only and on a strictly catch and return basis only, but at least it will give us game angling types somewhere to go, (no comments required on that remark), in the off season.

I have just completed the first six weeks of a ten week course on Fly Dressing, with a break now for that dreaded period of Xmas that we ALL look forward to don’t we ? ? ?  Whilst I am on the subject I must thank Paul who contacted me saying he had a bag full of feathers and two pair of wings that he no longer needed, and I, naively, thought –  Ah! someone who has tried fly tying and either giving it up or can’t take to it – it’s not everyones cup of tea – not for one moment thinking that these feathers had been flying about, completely unaware that they would end up on the menu for the following weekend.  I am now trying to find a supplier of the crystals that made up mothballs (would you believe), Napthalene, to cure the wings.  Oh!  What a jolly life we lead, don’t you know.

If the abysmal weather forecast is anything to go by we are in for rather a chilly time, so don’t be suprised if you have to crack some ice on the pools before you can fish (Inuit style -only make sure the hole is big enough to get the fish through) looks rather silly trying to pull a 15 pound pike through a six inch diameter hole.  Whatever the weather, it’s about right for the time of year, I remember back in ’47………………………….. yes in fact I can remember, but lets not go down that road, take care and whatever you are up to in the next few weeks enjoy yourselves and the compliments of the season to you all and your families, furthermore lets look forward to a prosperous and successful New Year for you and our Club.

All the Best