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2014 is Here – and other old news

Friends, Fly Tiers, and Fellow Anglers,

Lend me your lug-holes.  (apologies to Will Shakespere)  In other words sit up and listen.  This first remark was prompted by a copy of several e-mails that somehow fell on my “desk”.  Can I say that there is NO intention to disband the Game Angling side of this Club, from time to time it may be necessary to shuffle it around a bit, as we do with all waters, those that are not being used are obviously the first to be looked at and if they are seen as not financially viable then something has to be done.  The most important thing we have to look at is the fact that it is YOUR money we are playing with, and secondly and just as importantly it is YOUR Club, and therefore it is very unlikely that anything would be done until the AGM.  ONE GOOD REASON FOR ATTENDING, check Facebook for dates, time and location – ASE Club.

The next thing I have to put in writing, is to confirm personally that I have retired from the Chairmanship, that title now rests firmly on a pair of younger shoulders – those of Nige Greensit,  I would appreciate it if you gave him the same support that was given to me.  For the first few meetings he will have enough on his plate trying not to hit his fingers with the gavel – dangerous things gavels.  I will be retaining the title of Game Fishing Officer (or whatever the Committee decide to call it), and my Fly Tying Classes will of course continue for the foreseeable future.  I’m still not sure who is getting more out of this venture, the lads at the other side of the tying table or me.  I have heard that the easiest way to learn is to teach, and from recent experience I think this observation can be confirmed.  Therefore many thanks to my ‘Students’.

I am, as I am sure I have said before, an Associate Member of the Game Angling Instructors, and have re-started my assessment training for my GAIC (first Certificate of Qualification) the only odd ball thing about it is that I shall be the first Instructor to be assessed from a wheelchair.  This is mainly down to the fact that my arthritis has got to a stage where walking for any distance (unsupported) or standing for any length of time has become a bit tiresome, can I add here – I AM NOT LOOKING FOR SYMPATHY, just a little understanding.  Thank you in advance.  I am also a member of the American equivalent, the International Fly Fishing Federation, at the moment the reason for this is to access their Fly Tying site, you can’t get into the latter without being a member of the Parent Body.  Crafty – you pay to join the Federation and then pay again to join the Fly Tying Site, but I think its worth it.  It gives me a wider horizon to draw from with fly patterns.  I have noticed that the more you think the fly fishing techniques and equipment has changed and updated itself the more you realise that it is the same as it was three and four hundred years ago – OK Greenhart has progressed through cane, fibre glass to carbon fibre, but the fly patterns haven’t really changed, and in some cases the addition of a reel to hold more line, but years ago we were all using a form of Tenkara, where the line was attached to the end of the rod a la pole.  Racing forward just to stand still.  Well that’s life, or so they say.  I will see a few of you at Fly Tying, and the rest – God willing – at the AGM.