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Another Load of “Good” News

Well February came and went, with yet another set to with the old friend Gout, only this time it came with a viral infection in the same foot, (foot swollen to the extent that shoes/slippers do not fit), now having got half way through March and the pain of the Gout has subsided I have no excuse for not gettin on with the flies for the Silver Award.  One of the required dressings is one of the Czech Nymphs, and I have now been able to get my hands on the Third Edition of Karel Krevenich book, (the first edition was an extremely informative, but the Czech to English translation left a bit to be desired), for anyone wishing to try the art of Czech Nymphing it is well worth the read.

Now that my Membership is well and truely “Up”, and my fishing is as limited as it is this does not mean I am out of it all together, should anyone from the Dunham Massey Angling Club want any tuition on Fly Dressing, or advice on methods feel free to contact me I am on Face Book and I will ask Nige Greensitt if he will be kind enough to retain my mobile number.  If you need basic instruction you do not need any gear or materials – I will supply them, at least that way you will not be wasting money on them if you feel you cannot take to  it, but be aware after the first few hours you will either be “hooked” or we will never meet again, there is no half way house.  This aspect of Fly Fishing is very adictive and you will end up like me accumulating masses of materials, some you will never use, taking up more and more space in the “spare” room, or geting in the Good Ladies way.  Not to mention the cost. (Coffee in large cups comes free of charge).

This has been a rather short missiff but one I felf I had to make if only to make it known I am still here (I heard the moans from the back), and since the coarse season has started the other reason was to wish you all tight lines and may this season be the one that puts the icing on the cake.