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First Outing This Year

Thursday 14th saw me tackled up and excitedly waiting for my friend and collegue Bernie to pick me up for my first outing this year, to one of our favourite venues – Marton Mere.  The weather was overcast, but quite warm for the first few hours, then the temperature started to drop, but not enough to make it unpleasant, had it been any colder I may have caught a cold, you’ve guest it I BLANKED.  Never the less it was a good day out, another of our friends from the Fly Dressers Guild – Mike – met us there.

I have a new light weight Aluminium wheel chair, which I have since discovered has a beautiful centre of balance running neatly through the hubs of the large wheels, and I am sure that I have mentioned somewhere that one of the things I have been diagnosed with is sleep apnia.  Not a good cobination I hear you say, Oh! how true.  Toward the end of the afternoon, my loops were reasonably tight, my casts straight, and my flies landing exactly where I wanted them to (apparently not in the right place to catch fish) when I started to nod off, for a while I thought I will fight this and carried on fishing.  Then (with the brakes on) I dozed off, my weight slumped to the rear of the chair, and everything pivoted around the back axles, with Mike, on the adjacent bank watching a pair of boots pointing Heavenward.  Whereupon Mike shouts Bernie and does a 100 yard dash in what can only be described as “Olympic” timing (Herculean achievment, and greatly appreciated).  To say that my two friends are of what can only be described as having an acceptable physique, where I have a rather more robust build (very over weight to be honest), would put the situation into some sort of perspective.  We now have 21 stone 6 pounds of me, lying on my back, in a seated position, with – as I have said – my feet pointing in the opposite direction that they should have been, and two retirees trying to do the imposible, lift me up.  In the end the chair was pulled from under me by Mike I was rolled onto my side and with a joint effort from all three of us I was returned to an upright position.  Now all I have to do is explain to the wife how all the mud got on the back of my jacket.

Well, let’s face it, not bad for a first day out, “Last Of The Summer Wine” come to mind.  Good for a laugh,


Keep up the good work, tight lines to you all

Ni The Fly