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Guess What – I’m Still Here

Dear all,

It has been a while since I last put “pen to paper” but doubtless we have all had some degree of idleness over the winter months, well I know I have.  My only activity at this time of year is my fly tying, and this year has been no exception.  As you all know I have my Bronze Award with the Fly Dressers Guild and at the time of ‘writing’ my assessment flies are in the capable hands of my Assessor for my Silver award.  The greatest news of the recent weeks is that Graham has had the guts to put loyalty before selflessness and put himself at the helm of bringing the D.M.A.C. back from the brink of ‘extinction’ this at least gives us some hope for the Club.  This would have been a disaster for the founder Members and all the hard graft they had put in, not to mention the work parties and of course our own Ernie.  I think  some if not all of us regarded Ernie as the Club and visa versa, anyway hopefully we are now back on track.

I will not make any rash promises (it is far too close to the New Year for that and we all know what happens to New Year Resolutions), but being a Member of the International Federation of Fly Fishers (here-in after referred to as the I.F.F.F.) and a Member of their Fly Tying Group I have the intention of taking their Assessments as well.  The irony of this situation is that the Fly Dressers Guild was instrumental in “constructing” their Fly Tying Awards Scheme, however the two are not “interchangeable”, This is not to say that one is more or less picky than the other, it is just that in the US they cover more at each level.  So to qualify for their Award System I must tie to their system, all adds to the spice of life.

Hopefully, (there seems to be a lot of “hopefuls” going the rounds at the moment) My friend Bernie and I will be able to take up where we left off last year and do a little more still water and Commercial fly fishery visits in the near future, weather permitting.  To start with we want to try for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week, this will be an opener for me.  I will keep you updated on catch reports or my usual “blanks”.

Tight lines to you all, no matter what you fish for, be trout, salmon, carp or the humble dace.

Ni the Fly