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October 31st 2017

After a great deal of messing around, like a week in the repair shop for our computer only to find that it had a cracked screen and had to go back for a further week, and to find that when we did get it back we (or rather they) had lost all my work on the Hard Drive, I think I have found my Blog, and now hopefully a way of adding to it.

No news is good news – so they say – but in this case that cannot be so, since my last entry the only thing I have to report is that I have attended one of Bernies “open days” at Clay Lane Fishery.  This went well with one or two enquiries about fly dressing, at my bench, and Bernie had a reasonable attendance for his Casting School.  Due to ill heath (I’ll shoot that sod one day) I was unable to attend his last meeting, but hopefully we should be able to get one more in before the end of the year, if you are interested in either improving your single handed fly rod casting skills or maybe your fly tying skills then keep an eye on face book, I am sure Bernie will be posting the dates, if not then you can always e-mail me at

The remainder of my news is of no interest to any of our fly fishing readers, unless you need the name of a good electrician, small unit and fitted wardrobe maker, or a general handyman who is also good at fitting French Doors, needless to say we are  in the middle of a “update” on our house.  Well that’s it for the time being, as soon as something newsworthy occurs I will put ‘pen to paper’ again.  Stay safe, take care and happy fishing (fly or coarse – they both hold equal importance in the sport).