We Will Try Again

I will start out by explaining the title of this entry – yesterday I ‘wrote’ a whole page and then hit the wrong ‘button’ and cancelled everything.  So here goes.

As you will have noted from my FB entries the Club is up and running again, with a great deal of gratitude going to Graham, for not only holding the Club together but doing so solo and also whilst holding down a full-time job.  Many thanks Sir.   Thanks must also go to our Webmaster – Nige – for  maintaining our website and transferring it to another host company.   Cheers my friend.  We now have a reduced number of waters, something that has not gone down too well with some of our Members, but we were running close to one water for every 4 or 5 Members, a situation that could not be financially viable.  This has now left us short of a river/stream which brings me onto the next suggestion.  We all have a responsibility to the Club so if there are any of you who have youngsters (off springs or relatives near or far) who are interested in angling in any form please get them into the Club.

My next suggestion is one I have made many times before – there is now an ever-increasing following in taking coarse fish on the fly.  Our predecessors back into the Middle Ages and before used the fly to catch fish for the table, we only do it for the sport, Pike Carp, Chub in fact most coarse fish will rise to the fly.  The rods were a lot longer and hense a lot heavier.   Think of it this way – just carry an extra rod and reel, some flies and that day on the Mere when you have tried everything you know and you are heading for the usual BLANK, try the fly rod – you never know, and believe me Carp on the fly can give you a great deal of sport.  Apart from being a recognised Fly Dressing Tutor with the Fly Dressers Guild, I also have amongst my friends GAIA qualified casting Instructors.  Try it you never know, heaven forbid, you may even like it.

Enough for now, take care, tight lines and above all – enjoy yourselves.

Ni the Fly


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Ni (and the fly fishers there in the UK),

    Keeping a club together can be a real challenge. I’m glad (I guess) to see some of us here in the US also have trouble keeping our local club “functioning” not unlike what I sense you are experiencing there in the UK. In the past we’ve struggled with the same problem but currently our local club is functioning well. One of the problems we experienced was no one wanting to take on the responsibilities of Club President. We ended up developing an Office of the President in which three members share the responsibility. The three take turns running meetings, etc. So far (3 years) this approach has worked well for us.

    I’m pleased to learn I’m not the only person who likes to catch course fish (we call them warmwater fish) on the fly. Several years ago one of our magazines editors contacted Gretchen and me to write an article about our favorite fish on a fly. It was to be a 5-author piece with each writing about their particular choice. Because we were the oldest authors in the bunch, we got to pick first. Our selection was crappie, a common panfish here in the US similar to a perch (I’m not sure if you have them in the UK or not). We were the only ones to write about “course fish,” everyone else wrote about steelhead, salmon, trout, etc. We can’t tell the number of fly fishing shows we’ve attended where someone will ask, “Are crappie really your favorite fish on a fly?” That darned article got us more recognition than many of the more traditional ones ever have. You just never know!

    Yesterday we published a new eBook called A Dozen Dubbing Techniques. It was the first we wrote in which the focus was not on a “pattern” but more on a “process.” It was interesting but was also more difficult to do. Anyway, I’ll contact you soon about it. We want to discuss some things with you about it and other stuff – fly fishing, of course!

    Until we next communication. Take care & …

    Tight Lines – (Gretchen &) Al Beatty
    Boise, Idaho USA


  2. Al and Gretchen,
    Thanks for the comments, most helpful and appreciated. Yes we do have Perch over here, but I hate to think how many it would take to make a decent meal. The rivers and waterways over here are just beginning to recover from the pollution of the Industrial Revolution, I know you have the same problem around some of the Cities like New York, and the other windy area – Chicargo, hence our fish stocks are smaller than they should be and catch and release has become the norm on coarse fish as well as game. However the future is looking a lot brighter now than it has for some time, our biggest problem is now to get the youth off it’s idle posteriors and get it interested in breathing fresh air instead of computers, i pads, mobile phones etc.
    Here endeth the Epistle of St Nigel to the Converted.


    • Hi Ni,
      The crappie here in Idaho often run to one pound and in the warmer states like Louisiana they get to 3 pounds. The perch in the lake a short distance from our cabin (Cascade Lake) average 1.5 to 2 pounds and are great table fare. We have a package of fillets in the freezer that we’ve been saving to “savor” when the winter winds are blowing and the snow is A** deep!

      Your response ended up in my email account with a time of 0422. I’m not sure if that’s when it arrived here in the US or when you sent it but if it’s the latter then you get up as early in the morning as I do. I do most of my writing from 0400 to 0730 when Gretchen rolls out to start her day.

      I’ll send an e-mail later today about the new book. I’d like to get a copy to you for your review. More on that a little later this morning. Take care & …


      • Al

        I may well be able to save you the trouble of the e-mail for your most recent publication.  Shortly after your last communication I went to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle version, and have got to chapter 3, with a bit of luck and a few less interruptions I may well  be in some position to give my opinion, but so far I must admit that what you have ‘said’ makes a lot of sense.  Will write more later.  Take care……………………….


      • Hi Ni,

        Darn! I was going to send you one at no charge in exchange for doing a review on Amazon. You are too fast for me! In any case, I’d sure appreciate you posting a review on Amazon when you are so inclined.

        Be watching for an e-mail in the next couple of days after I figure out some stuff regarding SKYPE. Take care & …

        Tight Lines – (Gretchen &) Al Beatty

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