Coarse on the Fly

Yes I know – we have been down this road before, and to some of you Carp lads who are quite satisfied to sit there and try for the largest fish in the water, OK if that’s what you are suited to then go for  it.  My aim is for those of us who can “generalise”, by that I mean we  do not concentrate on one type of fish.  As I have said many many times before most, if not all fish will rise to the fly, so if you are having a ‘bad day at the office’ and not even the odd Roach or Perch is taking the maggots you are relentlessly drowning, why not try reaching for a fly rod.  I must admit that if you target fish is the Pike I suggest that you use something a tad heavier than those used for trout, but not quite salmon equipment.  Recently there are more and more people fly fishing for the Pike, and there are even associations dedicated to the art of this branch of the sport.  One of the fish the Americans chase with the fly rod is the Crappie (I think I have spelt that right) a Perch like fish they use to put in the pan, Bass of course is another, they have several members of this family, Small Mouth, Large Mouth and Fresh Water, as well as the Salt Water version.  The fresh water ones fall under the banner of Warm Water Fish.  Another fish that can give  you some sport on the fly is the Carp, A fly tied with spun Deer Hair and trimmed to look like a flake of dog biscuit is ideal.

All I am saying is there is more than one way to skin a cat, and fly gear has one advantage over coarse and that is there is less of it and it’s lighter, so no excuse not to add a fly rod to your rod bag.  As I have said before, if it’s casting you are having problems with “I know a man…………………” and as for tying flies look no further than me.  I rest my case (yest again).  So, enjoy yourselves and tight lines to you ALL.

Ni the Fly


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